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Paid search is the hottest area of online marketing today and this trend is only going to strengthen.
How Does PPC Advertising Work?
Basically, you the advertiser pay a rate you specify for every visitor who clicks through from the search engine site (or their affiliates) to your web site. It’s simple and quick. Each unique keyword phrase (e.g. digital cameras) has its own bid price. You set the budget. With a credit card and a web site readied, you’re on your way to advertising on the web’s top sites in no time. Well, OK-that is not all to it, but a good overview Google leads the way with its increasing share of paid search, primarily from its pay per click service, AdWords. Traditional media is losing its market share as ad dollars move to online marketing, and specifically the paid search arena. With this glut of dollars invading the paid space, unwary advertisers are at risk of making mistakes that can quietly consumer thousands of dollars. If you’re not currently using pay per click campaigns, it is increasingly important to understand them and have a strategy to optimize their performance. Large campaigns need to be well planned and managed. It looks simple but it’s easy to waste thousands of dollars. The beauty of PPC advertising is the speed at which you can reach your target market and the high quality of sales leads that can be generated. The downside is the price and the need for excellent conversion to sales. At $5.00 to $10.00 USD per click in many cases, you can run through your ad budget quickly. The pay per click advertising programs with the greatest market reach are offered by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Google’s program called AdWords delivers targeted pay per click ads via its own search engine Web sites and a host of partner sites.

Planning and Writing Skill is Needed

The key to effective PPC campaigns is in your keyword strategy and the quality of your visitor analytics. Many companies set up their PPC advertising campaigns without much planning. Campaigns need to be structured so that unproductive keywords can be filtered out and high performers improved upon. On occasion, an advertiser will find themselves prohibited from bidding on a keyword phrases because their ad’s click through rate was so poor. You definitely want to avoid that problem. Popular keywords are associated with particular solutions in consumer’s minds. You’ll find you’re competing with companies that offer a more popular solution, so although your ad shows for that particular search phrase, it isn’t really what most people are looking for. This means your click through rate will be low and your ad will stop being shown. Your ad’s appearance is not a certainty when you’re trying to sell a specialized niche product under a general common search term. A sophisticated keyword and ad copy strategy will be needed. To maximize your PPC advertising performance, LearnPeople helps clients bid on the right selected keyword phrases, write persuasive, moving ad copy, and have a well written page to have them click through to. If you know how to attract the prospect and deliver them seamlessly to a solution they need, you’ll be rewarded with a good sales rate. The number, style and type of words you can use in your ads is restricted so writing attractive, persuasive text ads is much harder than you’d expect.

LearnPeople can help you set up and optimize your PPC campaign.

  • Good Targeting and Timing
  • Finding the Right Keywords
  • Writing Your PPC Ads
  • Writing Your Ad Titles
  • Managing Your PPC Campaign
  • Choosing which PPC Pay Per Click Programs
  • Maintaining your PPC Campaign
  • Reporting on your PPC Campaign for ROIGoogle is the #1 search engine in sixteen countries, including the Unites States, where it receives 70.4% of all search queries or roughly 70 billion searches per month. Google AdWords provides search results at Google as well as their network of search and content partners, including AOL, Amazon and The New York Times. In the U.S., Google has more than 130 million unique visitors and The Google Network reaches more than 380 million people worldwide.

    Microsoft adCenter provides advertisers access to users of Microsoft Network’s (MSN) search, content and services, as well as traffic provided from content partners such as FOXSports and CNBC. MSN attracts over 300 million monthly unique users worldwide and MSN Search is the third most popular search engine in the US, receiving 8.8% of all search queries.

    Yahoo! is #1 in online reach in the US with more than 129 million unique users, including 51 million active users who visit Yahoo! every single day. In the US, Yahoo! is the second most popular search engine, receiving 19.4% of all search queries. Yahoo! Search Marketing provides advertisers access to Yahoo!, in addition to their network of partners, including Alta Vista, CNN, eBay, NBC & InfoSpace.

LearnPeople can help you with Geo-Targeted Online Advertising


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