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Who We Are

LearnPeople currently manages clients PPC campaign and SEO strategy, integrating the internet into their sales process. We have architected document management process flow, scoped e-learning requirements, recommended course authoring tool and LMS and delivered client solutions. We developed various websites focusing on educational products for children and established vendor/affiliate relationships to make these domains profitable. We have created and managed various PPC accounts with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Miva, Enhance and FindWhat. We have deployed multiple domains using one content manager and database. We have repeated this deployment with an ecommerce solution as well. We have architected, deployed and managed computer network featuring remote access, two secured vpn tunnels, web cameras, and secure and non-secure wireless networks. We Provide website consulting and hosting management for clients and develope small business communications programs and materials, including sales collateral, external and internal newsletters, direct mail, websites/e-commerce sites, seminars, and executive presentations using multiple media, across print, design/graphics, web, streaming media, video/film, Flash, PowerPoint presentations.

LearnPeople is owned by John Bissman, who is an individual of high integrity that has a passion for life long-learning. John’s understanding of business goals and needs, along with his experience with implementations, integrations, vendors and organizational politics set him apart from other consulting organizations. He has contacts in the industry that earn him the name of e-harmony of connections. These people and insights keep him abreast in the quickly changing marketplace. John Bissman started working in learning industry since 1994. John got started in the industry because his wife was a computer trainer at Procter and Gamble and had used ComputerPREP’s courseware.

John’s career with ComputerPREP included a wide variety of roles. ComputerPREP provided computer training courseware to organizations that did end user training. These organizations included Corporate, Education, Government and Training Centers. The business was grown by consulting with these clients to help them grow their training business lines or by reaching their corporate objectives. He handled some of the major accounts for the organization. John assisted the Vocational Schools in Ohio to implement computer training programs. The passion behind this when students graduate, they graduate with more than a diploma that will allow them to flip burgers. John brought this same expertise to the state and helped the two-year colleges implement this same type of training for business and industry. These programs led to the certification programs that are still in place. John was a featured speaker at many of the state education seminars.

As a Territory Manager, he introduced the use of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools to his own sales staff. This methodology saved the company money and soon became the standard for all product training and virtual conferences. John assisted the other Territory Managers on implementation of these technologies within their sales groups.John served on many different teams focused on evolving ComputerPREP’s products from just courseware books to CBT, MBT and OLT and implementing content management systems that used XML as the foundation. He helped ComputerPREP develop their technology solutions group and was responsible for this group’s first sale and implementation. John became project manager for this group and help Michigan implement the first state funded virtual university. John helped implement virtual universities at major manufacturing and retail organizations. He also was a vital component for ComputerPrep’s roadshows team, which was a showcase of the company’s solutions. John’s role was to present to CEO’s and CTO’s, and CLO’s in roundtable discussions.

He has an intimate knowledge of learning management systems and courseware connections. John has had hands on experience with two java component based LMS products. John has been involved in discussions, RFP, and RIO implementations of many different e-learning technologies. John has also been involved in many discussions of best-practices and process improvements inside manufacturing organizations. John has helped organizations choose their content authoring tools and assisted organizations in developing course content.

John had the call into ministry and as a youth director started two leadership teams. Led the process of redesigning the youth ministry. Recruited and trained youth leader staff volunteers. Led a paradigm shift to focus the youth ministry on the community, created a youth pastor network. Led and planned church and community events, classes, monthly youth worship services, small groups, ski trips, concerts and outreach events. Developed strong relationships with schools. Led multiple foreign and domestic mission trips.

John has taught internet courses and is extremely proficient in Internet, HTML, Java-Scripting, CGI, Java, Email, Contact Management, Fax and Office Applications including Microsoft, and Lotus products. OS-Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT and 2000. John has a solid understanding of database, client server, internet/intranet, networking architecture and mapping of technology solutions to business problems.

LearnPeople helps organizations with the SEO, SEM, Social Media, Web Hosting and Design and Marketing needs.

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