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Schools starting to use Social Media Monitoring Services

Is your school using social media monitoring services. We had this conversation with our teen and he didn’t think so. Yes they are, and yes they are looking.

Getting Facebook Fan Page RSS Feed URL

To get your Facebook Fan Page RSS Feed URL
First, we need to get your FB Page ID Number.
Then replace your fb page id number where the XXXXXXXX is .

For example
replace numbers after the the https://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?id=161890801311&format=rss20

Where in the world is Waldo? Social Media Demographics -Interesting Visual Social Media Universe

Where in the world is Waldo? Social Media Demographics -Interesting Visual Social Media Universe

Source: onlinemba.com via Ken on Pinterest

Has Facebook Grown to it’s limit?


Check out the latest from Bing? Yes Microsoft and Facebook are getting close


Facebook Bug 14978 – Like button causing a prompt to download xd_proxy.css in IE browsers

IE blocks xd_proxy.css from downloading and prompts the user with a yellow
information bar.

Allowing the download saves an xd_proxy.css file to the hard drive with three
lines of CSS code.


Be carefull what you LIKE?


Facebook pushes new profile to all users- how to hack facebook profile


to email or not to email that is the question for facebook?

What will it be?  email no email? #facebook email?  I think that facebook should package toys with a new facebook account, so more people use facebook and get fat?  ……..


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